are you Ready?

i’ll count to five …

the application


To apply, fill out the LET’S DO THIS application below, including a quick, scrappy, selfie video (2 minutes or less) which features the room that needs tuning-up & why. I work one-day-at-a-time, one-room-at-a-time (but there’s nothing stopping you from a multi-room request!).


The REVeal


Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s me, remember? You gave me your keys, I’ve been here all day … & SNAP! You have a clean start, an edited aesthetic and a fresh take on a room that is begging to welcome you home.

the calling card


My calling card? Fresh flowers. Cut & arranged by yours truly — and always on the house. A happier home life is only a day away, folks. What are you waiting for?


The 1-hr Meet & MEASURE


Once your application’s been reviewed, we settle on a 1-hour window for me to swing by to meet you, go over the ground rules. I’ll take some measurements, swipe your keys, & be on my way. Now get this — your job’s over. It’s all my problem from here on out …

the big day


On the big day, I’m already armed with the intel from your application and our meet & measure — ready to revamp your room in one single day. I’ll venture out once (sometimes twice) to buy day-of organizational pieces and last-minute finishing touches … so if you see me frantically running around New York City, GET OUT OF THE WAY.


Let’s do this:

Name *
Please briefly explain below & email a quick, selfie-style video (2 min or less), showing me around the room and telling me why you're reaching out. Applications will be reviewed as soon as your video is received at
Family heirlooms? Favorite recently-purchased items? Let me know ... now's your chance.
The ripped ottoman? The circa 2008 pillows? Let me know ... now's your chance.
You loathe the color purple. Velvet makes you vom. Let me know ... now's y—you get the point.
Address *

To submit your application video, or for any questions at all, please email