5th floor walk-up

the interior tune-up

Forget the fuss & fast-fwd to the big reveal, IRL.


do you fit the bill?

well, let’s see …

Every person with Interior Tune-Up potential has at least one thing in common: a craving for “home” — to walk into their house or apartment at the end of the day, and feel instantly relaxed by a polished, personalized, eat-your-heart-out-Nancy-Meyers-style home. The kind of home that makes you feel like a boss when you walk in, because #throwpillows and #plantsthatarentdead. A space so homey, guests’ll climb five flights just to return. Home goals, anyone?

quick Y / N :

• need help “pulling it all together” in your own home?

• did you start by your lonesome and get stuck?

• want to give your look a facelift, but haven’t got the time?

• fancy a remodel, sans dust & sledgehammers?

• time for a flip of your own, but no time for a reno ?



If you decide you fit the bill, apply for a tune-up & get it on the calendar. I’m ready when you are.

Whether you’re 3 months into a design project, or 3 months overdue for a refresh. Whether you’re a hot mess, or generally pretty pulled together — we all need to hit the reboot button from time-to-time, amiright? 
— whitney giancoli, the og @5thfloorwalk-up

Leave this behind, girl. (Or, guy.)

… it’s time for a tune-up.